A nail-studded snake, a goat-bee, a man-dog, a white-bearded octopus… This is only a glimpse of the specimens that populate Josep Baqué’s bestiary. Starting in the 1920s and then carrying on for the next 40-odd years, this reserved man who worked as a peace officer in Barcelona, has been creating a catalogue of creatures with surprising morphologies and which could have easily been forgotten…
This exhibition highlights the plates of this intriguing corpus and displays them in parallel with creatures imagined by artists featured in the Art & Marges collection and elsewhere.

With works of :
Josep BAQUÉ, Danièle CARON, Serge DELAUNAY, Vincent HAYON, Carine LACROIX, Karel LAENEN, Albert MOUHADEB, René PERROT, Antoine ROEGIERS et Jean-Michel WUILBEAUX.
In collaboration with the Art Brut Collection (Lausanne, Switzerland) and the Galerie 100 Titres (Brussels)

Exhibition at Art&Marges Musum from 7 February to 1 June 2014. Rue Haute 312-314, 1000 Brussels