Willy Casier

From Willy Casier to William D.R. Casier.

After an obvious but no less painful divorce that I, Willy Casier, was not able to process and which resulted in severe depression (suicidal) and heavy drinking. During my stay at the St. Norbertus Psychiatric Centre in Duffel, I subsequently discovered my talent for drawing and my ‘hunger’ for this. My drawing skills were further honed at the Academy of Visual Arts in Mechelen. As a patient of the institution and student at the academy, I entered my work entitled “Perspective” in the 2003 “Art and Psychiatry” exhibition in the R-building. In my quest for stability, I found myself in the “Sheltered Housing” project in Geel and the Yellow Art academy (April 2008), where I was able to further develop my artistic skills thanks to the excellent combination of artistic freedom, cosy atmosphere, and the creative stimuli of the permanent carers, teachers from the Geel Art Academy and outside artists. Part-time at first, combined with voluntary work at the CC De Werft cultural centre, and later full-time.

The “Yellow Art Academy” group exhibition at the Halle Centre in Geel (autumn 2011) made me feel like a fully fledged artist. William D. R. Casier was born.

Charcoal and oil paint are the materials I experiment with. From my training (interior architecture/design – model drawing), I had been searching for personal expressions to evoke my feelings of restlessness, doubt, powerlessness, inadequacy, etc. in the hope of also making these solidified emotions visible to the neutral observer.

I get my inspiration from the many exhibitions I visit, lengthy quests and contacts on the Internet (Facebook, I love you) and studying my favourites (Francis Bacon - Egon Schiele - Käthe Kollwitz - Gustav Klimt - Henri Matisse - Wassily Kandinsky, etc.)

In the future, I want to use multimedia more and also become proficient in the area of digital photography – digital imaging – printing techniques and installations. An example of this is my installation/photo project “ejaculation” and the photographic project “Plankton hotel”.


Poem: Willy / Hanneke Paauwe

It was night when I found the building

The corridor was long

At the end two doors

"Winning" was written on the golden door

"Losing" on the red one

I went for gold

Welcome said a voice

Along each wall stood filing cabinets

From floor to ceiling

On each drawer hung a golden label

Welcome Willy said the voice

There are lots of ways of losing yourself

You have just one hour

You chose love and signed the contract

With some patience I found her

The love was beautiful and overwhelming

With somewhat less patience I lost her

And afterwards myself

Almost forever

One night

I crawled on all fours back to the building

Welcome said the voice

You’re here for the small print

I handed over my contract

Written in very small print was

Don't worry Willy

Everything comes to an end

The red door popped open

"Losing" resembled "Winning"

Filing cabinets from floor to ceiling

Only the labels were red now

Welcome said the voice

There are lots of ways of winning something back

You have just one hour

I chose the drawer full of colours or

Maybe the drawer chose me

Written on the floor in shaky letters was

The art is to catch the echo from the inside

Consolation is sometimes no more than a few thin lines.



  • Kunsthuis Yellow Art - OPZ Geel Pas 204 2440 Geel