Ward Van Grimbergen

I have been creative since I was ten years old. My artwork is evolving in a positive way by trial and error. I use all the artistic media available to express myself at any given moment.

I have exhibited frequently since 2000, mostly in the Antwerp region, though also in Limburg and in the Netherlands (Breda).

I do not follow any specific theme. I draw life as I experience it… Experiences in emotional life… Creative work is a fascinating and exciting activity for me, and a basis for experiencing reality.

Quite a few artists display a certain reluctance or even unwillingness when it comes to clarifying their work for the viewer. In most cases, this is nothing more than a sort of modesty, combined with a cautious wait-and-see. The viewer is quickly inclined to attach great weight to the word of the artist, and the artist knows that. Instead of speaking out, he chooses to let viewers think about the works themselves and make their own interpretations, which can sometimes provide him with unexpected new insights. There is, however, another breed of artists that is genuinely not able to communicate anything meaningful about their work. Although they are quite happy to talk about it, they cannot put into words what was going through their minds when creating their work. These artists normally work in a spontaneous and intuitive way, with the result that it is impossible for them to reconstruct the creative process afterwards. 

* * * *

Ask the sculptor Ward Van Grimbergen what is visualised in a certain work and you can expect an answer like “Well – it’s a beast, a fox actually, but also a leopard, a leopard about to jump … or a rat, yes, also a rat, perhaps it is a rat,” at which point he looks at you with a contented smile. With this unusual way of perceiving things, Van Grimbergen sees a greater complexity and ambivalence in the shapes we all experience as being commonplace. His fertile imagination results in his being swamped by associations, sometimes casting doubt on reality…. 

Paul Ilegems, extract from the article entitled “The existence of an artist in psychiatry, 2008”



  • De Vinken - Lange Lozanastraat 60-62 2018 Antwerpen