Véronique Nyberg

Art is my life, my passion! Painting, sculpting, writing and playing the piano are for me more natural than breathing. I always follow my feelings, my intuition. No taboos! Sorrow, pure loneliness, pain and grief are addressed, as well as joy, happiness and fantasy. I never think about colour or composition, everything is already embedded in my feelings, which are so strong, like fire arrows in my pounding heart!

From childhood, I have felt everything much more intensely, the yellow of the sun, the green grass, the joy, the pain. I think I have always known that I would paint at some time, but then in my own style. Call it an impression of an expressionist. Always figurative, with the woman as the central insatiable creature. Craving for love and love again…

Each work is associated with a poem or note or text to my beloved. This gives each feeling not only colour but also form and an individual story, my life story. This, of course, leaves everyone free to feel or think whatever they like.

I hugely admire the work of Frida Kahlo who, just like me, has to live every day with pain, since I have suffered from fibromyalgia (a muscle disorder) for more than ten years.

This makes the work I produce very personal. It appeals to you or it disappoints you.

I hope with all my heart to touch people, that they can recognise a piece of themselves in all these emotions and in this or any other way perhaps feel less lonely!