I wanted to be big but could not be small. The inability to show myself as I really am and as I really think. Very creative but not wanting to be artistic. Needing a platform but without spotlights.

Until I became familiar with clay in mid-2012. The passion I had been seeking for so long. 

Clay is plastic and therefore infinitely malleable. And yet you need to be able to stop at just the right moment. Pottering, tinkering, simplifying, seeing differently, shaping with your fingers. Fantastic!

Finally, I can express what frustrates, occupies, irritates, wounds me, etc.…

Like I really am: frivolous, humorous, skilful, bossy. Broad-minded and sometimes not.

The “alien” who has become misanthropic out of necessity. 

When do pigs become swine, a chicken a chicken? Is a cow really nothing more than a mountain steak and a milk reservoir? A sheep has been turned into attire. A goat cheese. We are to blame. And by what right?

Action is the enemy of thought. Or is it the other way round?

The unbearable lightness of existence. Existence is very basic: survival and propagation. Why are we not content with this lightness?

Fate or mythical destiny. Is physical pain more bearable if there is no identifiable cause? 

I have found my voice and my passion ….



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