Tinus Feusels

I started taking pictures when I was 43 years old. Lino and etching then came several years later. I also have a long career as a cabinetmaker behind me. This made the step to artistic work easier, with the woodworking technique proving very beneficial for sculpting, for example.

In the beginning, I created hesitant and basic works and later, always searching for new techniques and colour combinations, I also used various techniques in the same work.

In the case of lino, I usually work with the reduction method; I use one lino and cut away continuously between the different colour prints (limited edition). Sometimes I also work with multiple linos, which makes it possible to produce one lino per colour (larger edition) and multiple colour combinations.

I have exhibited twice at the Zwijndrecht Library: pictures in 2009 and etching and linos in 2012 (together with Hilde Coessens). I have also taken part in various group exhibitions with De Vinken.

I mainly draw trees and other images taken from nature. I also like to produce black and white linos, with amusing titles. I also did more portraits last year.

I have always been pretty close to nature; I live in a village that still has a green environment.

I experiment with everything, with Antwerp Zoo being one of my favourite places for capturing images on camera and then processing them into my linos or etchings.

Motivation: constantly occupying myself with artwork keeps me on the right path, keeping my problems away.

I see creative work as being more or less a full-time job, with structure being present and necessary at all times.

People get to know me in a different way, support me and are curious about new work. Working with the De Vinken carers and customers ensures a pleasant, positive feeling during the daily activities.




  • De Vinken - Lange Lozanastraat 60-62 2018 Antwerpen