Tinne Kers

I have already attended various training courses in artistic disciplines, but not completed anything due to circumstances. That could change this year. I am now in my final year of a free-form design course and will appear before the examining board in June, exciting. I studied for five years in Sint-Truiden, which still uses mainly toxic materials.  Before to the final year, I transferred to the Hasselt Academy, where they use non-toxic materials.  If I pass, I can then study a further specialisation.

I see drawing more as a necessity, it is a kind of urge. Maybe I do it to enable me to grasp the things around me, to learn something about or for myself, to better deal with situations in my immediate surroundings from my own experience. This often results in my work being greeted with a nod and a wink. I usually do not know the end result of a work (drawing, etching, painting) in advance unless it is an exercise in perception drawing or a commissioned work, for example, then I can conceive particular ideas. This is called intuitive drawing, if it has a name, just as my name is - by chance - Tinne Kers.




  • Artisit - André Dumontlaan 16 3600 Genk