Luc Van Eycken

Text relating to my own work. 

In order to produce my artistic drawings, I am curious about what result I will get when I use different media, formats and types of carriers that I inscribe or stroke with different kinds of materials, black and white or with small colour accents. I also use knickknacks (I dare to make use of three dimensions) or materials that are not specifically intended as drawing material in my work. 

The area surrounding the observed and captured image can be important, which is where my imagination and fantasy is expressed and reality can be transcended.

All of this leads me to a creative process with an infinite number of possible results; there is no limit, and that is what makes it so fascinating.

I also produce three-dimensional work, with glass as a common ingredient; the observer finds realistic elements here which take on a surreal nature by extension.

I attach great importance to presentation.