As an artist, I try to give expression to what is going on inside me at that moment. I work out of my head and try to shape the image that I have in my mind through matter. This can be done by painting, drawing or modelling in clay. When drawing, I usually do this with a reed pen, a pencil and Chinese ink. Sometimes I also use ecoline to produce colour accents. You need to work quickly with this material. 

Sometimes I draw portraits from memory.

I especially like nudes in erotic positions because I find this interesting and beautiful. This is perhaps because I have seen the fulfilment of basic human desire, the craving for love and the fulfilment of that longing in Gustav Klimt. I do not, of course, want to be a copy of someone else. My motto is: what comes from the heart is always good. And honestly: what can be more beautiful than a vulnerable nude?




  • De Vinken - Lange Lozanastraat 60-62 2018 Antwerpen