Joëlle Vlaminckx

While living with her mother as a youngster, Joëlle produced wonderful drawings using crayons and felt-tip pens. But it was in the studio of Den Teirling in particular that she settled down with her artistic friends and steadily continued working on her drawings. This technique has enabled her to work in a very precise manner. Although she previously used pastels, pastel crayons are harder to apply as well as being dirtier and dusty to work with. Joëlle mainly draws women, children, cats and dogs (because she loves these animals, they remind her of her youth when she had three cats and a dog) and family scenes surrounded by flowers. 

She mainly derives inspiration from a book of paintings be Renoir which she borrows from the library. The drawing is first meticulously set out on paper with a continuous line using a pencil. The pencil lines are then drawn over with a black felt-tip pen, after which the major work is carried out, i.e. colouring in the areas: only the items of clothing and the animals; the faces and skin of the people are not coloured in – they remain white.

Drawing brings calm to the studio and solidarity with the others there. Her drawings are appreciated and, in this way, Joëlle has found her place as an “artist”.



  • Den Teirling - Maesstraat 89 1050 Brussel