Christine Ibled

Christine was born in Mondicourt/France on 7 January 1946. Her sister, Françoise, recalls that Christine began to draw in her teens. Christine relates: “At the age of 13, I went to school at the ‘Institut de la Tour’ in Paris. When I was 19, I undertook artistic training at the ‘Union centrale des arts décoratifs’.”

Christine draws with crayons and produces watercolours. In her extensive work, which comes close to magical realism, she focuses on humankind, with imagination acting as the central thread. 

Her drawings describe a magical world. A world of dreams, nature and own experiences intertwined with the mystical. 

Christine Ibled’s work is vital and vigorous. Portraits of famous people, relatives, friends, all multicoloured, expressive and imaginative. 

Christine draws daily in the safe confines of her room. She does this by herself and carefully keeps her drawings in her closets.



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